motohara reico

works- solo


2013,Feb,Gallery Morioka-shoten,glazed bone china

I hang an ear on the white wall and put a sofa in front of it.The wall became a body. I let people close their eyes and listen to what the wall usually hears. They started to pick up the sounds of cars going outside and water draining in the pipe,someone walking the corridor ,the air condition drones ...etc.It has been there,just nobody gives attention.The ear was made out of bone china in my life size and set the same height as myself. My work is the catalyst to the viewer to be aware of something they never thought of. Maybe this is the priority before aesthetics.The ear was casted my body and the first plaster model was enlarged by 3D printer.Then I made plaster mould( by 9pieces) and casted.Here I presume that the aesthetics of ceramics was necessary to make this incident.