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"Whose property is it?"

related installation of "inhabitant on the boundary",2015 Gyongido International Cearamic Biennale

photo by noubuo yasutake

The water I used at Cerapia traveled 6.9km to the Kolon Water & Energy and was treated for 8 hours then sent back to the River. I will meet this water again as rain, a glass of water or at swimming pool, or even as an apple at the supermarket or lettuce leaves in a salad at home. Tap water there at Cerapia traveled 23.5km from Yeoju-bo pumped up by electricity.

inhabitant on the boundary in icheon,Korea_2015. 4.24 Cerapia~Miranda Hotel


I made a mobile kitchen sink during an artist-in-residence at the European Ceramic Workcentre in 2011.Afterwards, I remembered my experience visiting an area where the 2011 earthquake occurred in Northern Japan and hearing stories about a water processing plant damaged by the tsunami, which was not able to process sewage from nearby large cities that were recovering at a faster rate. I then realized a kitchen sink has no purpose without a water system and that it is the boundary between clean water and sewage. During further research, I was amazed to discover the links between the water and sewer systems which connect a sink to the ocean. We see where an apple is produced, but there is no address for water. I have been drinking apple & carrot juice every morning since last summer and was surprised that apples and carrots are about 80% water.Then I thought about where are they grown and what kind of water they have been imbibing. People are so keen about what they eat these days. Some people only have organic foods, others just love burgers and fries, and there are some who have no choice in what they can eat. But we all expel whatever we eat. It then goes through the same sewer line and comes together at a water purification plant before going back to a river or ocean, the source of almost every drop of rain which falls onto the soil where life begins with. Human beings are a part of nature’s cycle. We create, consume, expel and affect each other. Is my body my own? Is it a gift? The question remains, “Whose property is it? ”
related exhibition at Gyongido International Cearamic Biennale 2015