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S for sink

"kitchen sink",2013,Nov,isogaya i・space

photo by shiigi shizune

kitchen sink

"kitchen sink",2011,double sided casting stoneware,iron,wood

a mobile kitchen sink

“everything but the kitchen sink.”

kitchen sink


oh my god hand


inhabitant on the boundary

2013,installation view/documentary movie (08:42),maps

I realized the sink has no purpose without a water system. So I researched the sewer line from Gallery Isogaya i-space to the Shibaura Water Treatment Plant where the sewage from the gallery is cleaned and sent back to the river again in Tokyo. In 2013,I wore the kitchen sink and walked 4.5km following the hidden sewer line to make this documentary film. A man I met at a cafe during that walk said, "the sink is the boundary between clean water and sewage." His comment inspired me. I then naturally began to murmur, "I am the boundary between clean water and sewage." I can't live without water as my body is composed of 60% water. Wherever I walked with the mobile kitchen sink, I could create a dialogue with people who have different cultural backgrounds.
I performed at International Ceramic Biennale 2015 in Korea, Fujinoyama Biennale 2018 in Shizuoka

documentary movie (08:42)