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S for sink

"inhabitant on the boundary",2015 Gyongido International Cearamic Biennale

photo & movie by noubuo yasutake

【Inhabitant on the boundary】
I proposed a mobile exhibition. As I walk out of the gallery with my ceramic kitchen sink on my back, the public become viewers and those who talk to me are collaborators. The portable kitchen sink becomes the catalyst for shared experiences and a new form of ceramic art.
I made the mobile kitchen sink in the Artist in Residence program at the European Ceramic Work Centre in 2011. It is an original design in which I am trying to keep the typical sanitarys form and fits a universal drain system. It is a highly technical construction using a double-sided slip casting method. Then I realized the sink has no purpose without a water system. So I researched the sewer line from Gallery Isogaya i-space to the Shibaura Water Treatment Plant where the sewage from the gallery is cleaned and sent back to the river again in Tokyo. In 2013,I wore the kitchen sink and walked 4.5km following the hidden sewer line to make this documentary film. A man I met at a cafe during that walk said, "the sink is the boundary between clean water and sewage." His comment inspired me. I then naturally began to murmur, "I am the boundary between clean water and sewage."

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inhabitant on the boundary in icheon,Korea_2015. 4.24 Cerapia~Miranda Hotel