motohara reico

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S for sink

“a mobile kitchen sink”,2011,made@ekwc
double sided casting stoneware, leather,metal

“everything but the kitchen sink.”

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, I visited a refuge centre and met a young mother who didn't take anything with her because she couldn't decide what she really needed. Her story relates to the English phrase, "Everything but the kitchen sink". It is a metaphor for the person who packs her entire house but the kitchen sink because it is one of the last things you would bring since it is difficult to move. The lady with the kitchen sink on her back symbolizes the question of "What do we really need to live?". I made the mobile kitchen sink in the Artist in Residence program at the European Ceramic Work Centre in 2011. It is an original design in which I am trying to keep the typical sanitarys form and fits a universal drain system. It is a highly technical construction using a double-sided slip casting method.